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New Felt & Battens

NJB roofing and Son LTD wants to secure your home by making it stand out since they care about their customers. You have an exciting chance to fix your roof thanks to NJB roofing. A variety of services are available from NJB Roofing and Son; for instance, new felt & battens. The layers of materials that make up a roofing system are essential for producing a sturdy structure that can withstand the weather and safeguard the building. New Felt & Battens is just the service for you. Roof battening may be one of the roofing system’s layers. Positioning Roofing felt underlayment between roof deck and roofing shingles adds additional layer of security. It is also known as roofing tar paper or roofing roll.


Various methods for applying

  • It keeps water away.
  • It offers additional weather defence.
  • Your roof deck is protected at time of work.
  • It enhances consistency and aesthetics.
  • Avoid resin stains on wood.
  • In roof batten systems uses fewer fasteners; as many as 200 fasteners on direct deck roofing. Meanwhile, batten roofing uses less than 50.
  • Batten roof’s specialty is withstanding uplifting winds better than direct deck roofing. The wind rating of direct deck systems are lower than that of batten roofs. 
  • In comparison to direct deck roofing solutions, batten roofing is simpler to maintain. Repairs are simpler to perform on batten roofs. For solar panel installations, they are also simpler to handle.
  • Options for batten roofing decrease heat gain in the attic, which relieves pressure on the HVAC system and can reduce energy losses.
  • Systems with battens reduce ice damming.
  • The batten roof can limit heat intake and loss.
  • Placing insulation between the roof’s layers, the batten, and the outside surface of the roof improves energy efficiency.
New Felt and Battens Roofing

Our company provides a variety of roofing services. It worked with  illustrious residential and commercial clients over the past years. The team offers unbiased guidance on the roof coverings that are best for your home. Additionally, full replacement or corrective maintenance services are also available.

We find joy in providing careful attention to every last detail our customers need. Before beginning any project, our team consults the customer frequently. It helps to thoroughly grasp your requirements before meticulously planning each aspect of the work necessary. Our team aims customer satisfaction from explaining the project to cleaning up. We will always do our utmost to take you into account. As a result, you can rely on the roof to survive for many years. Always feel free to contact us.