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Along with roofing services, NJB roofing and Son LTD also provides repointing. In masonry building, repointing is the process of replacing the pointing, which is the outside portion of mortar joints. Weathering and corrosion over time lead to gaps in the seams between masonry pieces, often bricks, which allow water to enter the structure unintentionally. Water entering via these gaps can seriously harm structures due to cold winter weathering and salt buildup and disintegration.

The most common remedial action to repair a wall is repointing. It involves a very serious task because it requires specialist expertise. And repointing helps a wall develops a crack, which extends to the masonry below. In this case, the mortar bed is raked out, and helical reinforcing bars are set into a grout bed in the joint. The repair is then repointed.

Repointing repair

Our workers gently remove old

  • Our workers gently remove old, loose mortar from between bricks using a hammer and cool knife. Remove mortar until it reaches a depth of 3/4 to 1 inch.
  • Then they use a joint raker with skate wheels to scrape mortar out of the brick joints.
  • Our experts utilise a 4-inch angle grinder with a diamond-impregnated blade to remove mortar from the joints. The wet/dry vacuum used for grinding also collects dust.
  • They next used a brick and mortar saw to remove old mortar.
  • Till it has the consistency of thick peanut butter, hoe fresh mortar in a mortar tube. The dust and dirt from brick joint are vacuumed.
  • Use a tuckpointing trowel to pack mortar into the cleaned-out joints after scooping some mortar onto a pointed trowel.
  • Additionally, they use a margin trowel to push mortar into the gap between the bottom riser and the walkway.
  • They smooth and shape the mortar with a convex brick jointer to create a rounded mortar joint at the base of each riser.
  • using water and a soft-bristled brush to wash away extra mortar from the bricks. To prevent removing fresh mortar from the repointed joints, they move slowly.
  • Finally, they wait for two to three days before using a solution of water and muriatic acid to remove mortar stains from the bricks.

We provide a variety of roofing services, and over the years, we’ve worked with illustrious residential and commercial clients. We offer unbiased guidance on the roof coverings that are best for your home and will do corrective maintenance or a full replacement to the highest industry standards. Beyond that, we also provide services like repointing and chimney stacks.

We are really proud of the excellent service and careful attention to every last detail. Before beginning any project, we will consult with you frequently to thoroughly grasp your requirements before meticulously planning each aspect of the work necessary. Our team aims to fulfill your expectations: from explaining the project to cleaning up. We will always do our utmost to take you into account. As a consequence, you can rely on the roof to survive for many years. So always feel free to contact us.