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Ridge Repair

NJB roofing and Son LTD wants to secure your home by making it stand out. Because we  care about our customers. NJB offers you a wonderful chance of ridge repair of your roof. A variety of services are available from NJB Roofing and Son. We can supply you with all the necessary roof services. For instance, ridge repair, chimney stack repair, new soffits, fascias, and guttering. We are just the appropriate spot for you if you’re seeking for roofing repairs at a fair price. Contact us at any time for a free estimate.

A roof’s ridge is the point where two opposing roof planes converge. As a matter of fact, the construction board or beam ridge is also called a ridge. Stick framing is a fundamental roof structure in conventional home construction. Furthermore, two opposing pairs of sloping rafters make the structure. They connect at the tops at a ridge board or ridge beam.

Metal frame

The metal frame connectors tie the rafters to the ridge and give the ridge board a structural connection. Moreover, they increase side-to-side stability, and create a stiff spine for the roof peak.

We can help you maintain your current ridge or construct a brand-new one entirely. We provide brand-new ridge structures that can secure your property and improve the look of your roof.

Traditional methods like wood framing substitute enormous timbers for ordinary board lumber. As with stick framing, a timber frame roof features rafters and a ridge beam. However, the ridge is a substantial structural beam that the rafters rest on top of or fit into grooves carved into the beam. In this style, the ridge beam carries substantially more weight than a typical stick-framed roof’s ridge board. 

A gable roof is the most common style of house roof. It has two roof planes and a wall with a triangle-topped end. Gable walls are the walls at either end of a gable roof. Hip roofs, which lack gable walls, are an alternative to this. In its place, the flat, central ridge has an additional roof plane at either end. Moreover, the hip rafter produces the ridge. With an angled arrangement, it functions similarly to a ridge boar.

Ridge Repair

Our company provides a variety of roofing services. It worked with illustrious residential and commercial clients in past years. It offers unbiased guidance on the roof coverings that are best for your home. Next, we give corrective maintenance or full replacement to the highest industry standards.

The team is excited to provide excellent services and careful attention to every last detail. In addition, the experts consult you before beginning any project. Because it helps to thoroughly grasp your requirements before meticulously planning structure of the work. Our team aim to provide you satisfaction from explaining the project to finishing it. We will always do our utmost to take you into account. As a consequence, you can rely on the roof to survive for many years.