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Roof Repairs by Professionals

Over the course of 25 years, NJB Roofing and Son LTD has offered a wide range of services to personal and business clients, including 350k worth of commercial roofing systems. On the outside of your property, we have galvanised, powder coated, and painted. On the interior, we have slate slating, lead sheeting, and plain sheeting. We are here to assist in roof repairs and any work you need in home or commercial property.


Some causes of roof damaging

Water, storm, rain, and sleet damage your roof. Wind poses a genuine hazard. Weather that is harsh can damage your roofing and could even completely remove your roof off the top of your home. Your roof protects you from the weather. So, repairing its damages will increase its durability.

A storm, rain, sleet, and water will harm your roof. Additionally, the threat posed by wind is real. Furthermore, harsh weather has the potential to destroy your rooftop and possibly entirely remove it off the top of your house. Therefore, fixing the roof when it is damaged will strengthen it. As a result, your roof will shield you from the harsh elements.

It is only reasonable to repay the favour by getting the roof fixed when it is damaged because your roof shields you from the elements so you don’t have to.

Even the most durable roofs need care, and if you don’t protect your roof, each part will be more susceptible to the constant wear and strain. Regularly inspect your roof; if you can’t, call us.

If you see any signs of roof damage, call a roofing professional from NJB roofing and Son LTD immediately. If you delay, the following may occur:

  • Your energy expenses will increase.
  • The damage will increase.
  • On the roof, there is decking underneath the shingles.
  • Water damage opens the door for mold growth. Animals and pests might get access to the roofing system.
Roof Repairs

A variety of roofing services are provided by our business. Over the years, we have provided independent advise on the best roof coverings for your home to both residential and commercial clients. We will replace everything completely or make corrective repairs in accordance with the highest industry standards.

A family business with more than 30 years of expertise in the construction sector is NJB Roofing & Son Ltd. The team is excited to provide excellent services and careful attention to every last detail. In addition, the experts consult you before beginning any project. Because it helps to thoroughly grasp your requirements before meticulously planning structure of the work. Our team aim to provide you satisfaction from explaining the project to finishing it. We will always do our utmost to take you into account. As a consequence, you can rely on the roof to survive for many years