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Tiling Roof

You are important to NJB Roofing and Son LTD, and we want to safeguard your property by making it stand out. You have a wonderful opportunity to fix your roof thanks to NJB roofing. The services provided by NJB Roofing and Son are extensive. Its services now include tile roofs. Compared to many other common roofing materials, tile roofs are far more durable, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. Tile roofs require periodic care, much as other kinds of roofing systems. The selection of tiles offered by NJB Roofing and Son Ltd. are long-lasting and require little upkeep.

A wide range of materials are available on the market, including the classic thatch, the perennially popular clay and cement tiles, natural and synthetic slate tiles, asphalt roofing, timber, metal, green roofing, and solar-powered choices. However, tiles and slate continue to be a popular choice for the majority of self-builders.

These are still readily accessible and the most popular option of materials for roof tiles. Concrete use has grown in popularity in the modern era. Markets often provide warranties for 30 years or more that can extend service life of concrete tiles.

Currently, Chinese, Brazilian, and Spanish slates are in use than their traditional, more expensive Welsh counterparts. There are also synthetic slates, which, although not necessarily more affordable than natural slates, could be a little more durable.

fibreglass materials

In general, organic or fibreglass materials make up the foundation of asphalt shingles. On contrary to tiling a roof, waste paper, cellulose, or wood fiber can produce organic shingles. The shingles are strong and made in accordance with stringent requirements. They are available in a variety of colours.

The most common type of wood seems to be cedar. A pricey material selection, but the final result ought to be breathtaking. Also available are synthetic imitations of timber tilings.

Metal roofing were used historically for manufacturing and industrial structures. It is now growing in popularity among residential builders. Metal roofing is composed of plated steel, is fireproof, insect-proof, quick, and simple to install. It is more expensive than asphalt and only highly qualified can install it.


Our company provides a variety of roofing services. It worked with  illustrious residential and commercial clients over the past years. The team offers unbiased guidance on the roof coverings that are best for your home. Additionally, full replacement or corrective maintenance services are also available.

We take great satisfaction in providing excellent service and paying close attention to every last detail. Before beginning any project, we will consult with you frequently to thoroughly grasp your requirements before meticulously planning each aspect of the work necessary. Our team experts take care of your satisfaction. We will always do our utmost to take your needs into account. The end product is a roof you can rely on to last for many years.