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About us – NJB Roofing & Son Ltd

At NJB Roofing and Son Ltd., we are excited to provide excellent roofing services and careful attention to your roofing problems. Before the beginning of any roofing project, we will consult with you frequently to thoroughly grasp your requirements before meticulously planning each aspect of the work necessary. Our team aims to make you happy. For instance, we take care of everything from explaining your project to cleaning up. And we will always do our utmost to take you into account. As a consequence, you can rely on the roof to survive for many years.

Our excellent roofing services and careful attention to detail are something we are really proud of. Additionally, we will work closely with you to thoroughly comprehend your requirements before beginning any task, and we will then meticulously plan each stage of the work that is necessary.

Why Choose NJB Roofing & Sons?

Our staff at NJB Roofing and Son Ltd. aims to make you happy at every level of the project. We will always offer you our undivided attention, from carefully discussing your job with you to thoroughly cleaning up after ourselves. Consequently, you can rely on the roof to survive for many years.

Windows, gutters, storm damage, wind damage, and anything involving roofs. We are always willing to respond to inquiries. You are family, not just a client!

Your property suffers damage from the weather over time. Most homeowners have no idea that their roof or chimney stacks are damaged. So, before incurring a hefty repair fee, allow us to assist you in protecting your investment. To assist you in maintaining the best possible condition for your property, we provide an inspection and maintenance package.

Customers choose us because they value our professionalism and honesty. NJB Roofing and Son accomplish the job correctly from beginning to finish. As if it were our own, we respect your house.


Our company has been providing roofing and repair services for the last 30 years: it operates and works locally.

We have worked with various personal and business customers to provide a comprehensive range of roofing services.

We use nothing but the finest components and goods from top manufacturers. Finally, you can trust us to conduct work as you want.

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